sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2007

London Bridges

London Bridges é um Projeto Missionário em Londres, que visa alcançar os povos da janela 10/40.

London Bridges Project is a mission project in London, that preach the gospel to people from 10/40 window.

Our mission is to give every person the chance to hear the gospel, equip every believer to lead, and mobilize believers to give and go in order to establish local movements everywhere around the world so that everyone everywhere knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Go with us to London to reach out to some of the hardest to reach people in the world through your prayer. An incredibly effective, low-key, way to help influential Gulf Arabs hear about Christ's love. London is the main tourist destination for the Gulf State Arabs as they escape the blazing heat of their summer. We will be involved in distribution of the "JESUS" film and New Testament and developing friendships. We will share the love of Christ and have a great time doing it. We plan to do all of the above via our trip from Brazil to London. We would like to invite you to take part with us. Stay tuned - as soon as possible we will give you more information. Pray for us. God bless u!!!

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